Easy ways to reduce electric consumption


Posted at Dec 31 2018 11:16 AM | Updated as of Dec 31 2018 01:39 PM

Cutting down on the use of electricity in the home or in the office is ideal and desirable - whether it be as a result of consciousness about the environment, or simply out of desire to save money.

Many people, however, do not know where to begin or are not aware of which appliances use the most energy – resulting in unnecessary use of energy.

In 2017, power consumption in the Philippines escalated by nearly 4 percent in all sectors – residential, commercial, and industrial, according to the Department of Energy.

For this reason, home and business owners try different methods to lessen their electrical consumption which can help in minimizing electricity expenses or saving nonrenewable resources.

The most common method known to everyone is switching off the lights in unattended rooms.

Turning the lights off can reduce energy waste and can help homeowners bring down the cost of their electrical bill as compared to leaving them on for hours.

Aside from switching off the lights, a more effective method to conserve power is to choose the right light bulbs.

LED bulbs are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs. This means that for a span of three years, a room may need 21 incandescent bulbs but only one LED bulb.

Another way for consumers to conserve energy is by using a power strip to plug multiple appliances.

With a power strip, several devices can be turned off all at once and it prevents switched off electronics from using energy. However, this should be used with care, because overloading a power strip can lead to a short circuit that may spark fire.

While these solutions can work well for a home, it may take more than just turning off the lights to see a significant decrease in electrical consumption for a business.

With heavy equipment, ventilation, air conditioning, and simultaneous electronic use, businesses need expert energy solutions that are fit for the needs of the organization.

Among the most knowledgeable about energy solutions is power distributor Meralco, which crafted the Power Ideas program to innovate and help its corporate and enterprise partners solve energy problems within their organizations. 

The program lets business owners mitigate power supply shortages in the power grid and control their supply of energy by selecting their own energy supplier.

Meralco energy experts can help businesses minimize power disturbances and unwanted energy expenses with their "Power Quality" solutions.

Business owners can also avail themselves of the "Energy Efficiency" solutions to improve energy management, safeguard the stability of the power grid, and source energy at the most competitive price.

To maximize the use of power and technology in business, Meralco offers the most efficient and intelligent way to do this with different innovations, like eVehicles, solar installations, and data connectivity.

Those interested can consult with a Meralco Relationship Manager through the business hotline 16210, or visit the Power Ideas website to know more about energy solutions.

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