WATCH: This short film will give you 'kilig' feels this New Year

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Posted at Dec 30 2018 01:55 PM

The holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, but some are not lucky to have this chance as their significant others travel to different countries to work or pursue their careers.

In the countdown leading to 2019, families, lovers, and friends take advantage of the internet to communicate and to feel as if everyone is still in the same place.

In a short film released by Cornetto, two friends are seen conquering distance to continue making memories together and welcoming a new year.

Watch how these two people celebrate the New Year despite being miles apart – and possibly turn their relationship into something more.

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The New Year is the perfect time to express one’s true feelings, just make sure to add in some Cornetto to make your CONEfession extra sweet and thoughtful!

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