3 reasons why your washing machine may not be operating properly


Posted at Dec 27 2019 03:56 PM | Updated as of Feb 28 2020 12:03 PM

Doing the laundry does not have to be as tedious or time consuming when one has a washing machine. You can have clean and fresh clothes without exerting much effort on your part, making life so much easier. However, if stubborn stains remain or clothes smell worse after a normal cycle, perhaps there is something wrong with the machine.

Here are possible reasons why washers might not be working at its peak performance:

1. Incorrect installation

Proper installation is required for washing machines to start working properly. Doing it wrong the first time may lead to leaks, excessive vibration, and problems with spinning, draining, and filling. To avoid the occurrence of these, make sure to strictly follow installation instructions or get a professional to do it.

2. Lack of maintenance

One's laundry is only as clean as their washing machine, so providing it with regular maintenance and care is important. A dirty, unmaintained washer can lead to leaks and breakage. Make sure to regularly check the detergent drawer for excess detergent and residue, and do not forget to clean the filters, drum, and rubber gaskets to keep clothes fresh after every wash.

3. Poor water pressure

Faulty pressure regulators, clogged water pipes, and inefficient public water systems are the common causes of low water pressure at home. When this occurs, a washing machine needs more time to fill and has to work harder to run a cycle. Oftentimes, it leads to serious damage, which is especially true for homeowners who are using fully automatic washers.

This is why Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances equipped their line of fully automatic washing machines with the Variable Water Pressure Technology. It is an advanced feature made primarily for areas with low water pressure, allowing them to operate even with just 0.29 psi water pressure. The inlet valve allows the water to pass through quickly to avoid errors and other damage, unlike other fully auto washers in the market which can only function at above 6 or 10 psi. Fujidenzo fully automatic washing machines with Variable Water Pressure Technology are available in 6.5kg (JWA 6500 VT), 7.5kg (JWA 7500 VT), 8.5kg (JWA 8500 VT), and 10.5kg (IJWA 1050 VT) models.

So even with low water pressure, one can finally enjoy the benefits of having a Fujidenzo fully automatic washing machine in their home and get to experience its high quality, durability, and energy efficiency. With its one-year warranty on parts and service supported in over 250 service centers nationwide, the laundry experience has never been easier and more practical.

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