The Season of Giving and what it really means

J&T Express

Posted at Dec 24 2019 11:56 AM

Already in the peak of the Christmas season, giving is more of an expected move than an obligatory deed. Counting down to the big day, several groups and individuals go out of their way to ensure they partake in such blissful action.

Among them is one of Southeast Asia's leading e-Commerce delivery company, J&T Express, having sponsored a Christmas party for the children beneficiaries in Manila supported by World Vision Philippines—a non-government organization and a global humanitarian foundation—as its first initiative for the company's CSR programs.

''To give'' goes back to the primary nature of humans as social beings, to share time, talents, or things, and to sacrifice when needed.

''We are truly privileged to be a part of this effort. We, J&T Express share the same mission with World Vision of helping children in need,'' said J&T Express Philippines Vice President Zoe Chi.

To share time means dedicating hours of the day to what could have been used for personal matters, into a more generous and social cause.

During the Christmas Party, 11 volunteers from the J&T Express staff embodied this perfectly by spending the whole day with a total of 30 kids, all eager, spirited, and sprightly.

They answered the kids' questions, raised the kids' energy, and facilitated the interactive games with loads of entertainment for the kids to make the most of the experience.

To share one's talents means giving part of your God-given gifts to inspire others, make them see the beauty of an individual's depth and potential, as well as start a change in their lives.

Having this in mind, the event also had kids express their knack for creativity and comradeship through coloring activities, and some dance intermission numbers.

To share material things is perhaps the most common and typical way of giving. It is after all, the most visible and tangible form. Sure enough, J&T's Christmas Party would not have been as supplementary and joyful, had it forgotten to apply this.

Kids were given lunches and other snacks throughout the day, and went home carrying with them heartfelt gifts packed with love and care.

''We want to give these kids a chance to feel the true spirit of the season by allowing them to enjoy the love and generosity from others,'' said Chi.

The Philippines' relatively new player in the e-Commerce and Express delivery industry, has made strong inroads in the country through its aggressive expansion programs, and will go on developing while attending to its CSR. To date, the company has more than 400 branches across the country. Learn more when you visit their website at

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