5 ways millennials can increase workplace productivity

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Posted at Dec 22 2017 03:13 PM | Updated as of Dec 22 2017 03:43 PM

Millennials are considered to be the newbies in the workforce. 

Despite this, their mindset to openly welcome new information and their desire to learn make them a force to be reckoned with.

They put hard work and heart into whatever they do, which enables them to positively impact the organization they are a part of.

Despite their enthusiasm, there may be instances when some millennials go off track and find it difficult to stay productive at work. They have to deal with heavy workloads and tight deadlines, and at times, these things might get overwhelming.

However, even the most experienced business executives can also get overwhelmed by work. What matters is what millennials do to cope with all the stress.

Here are 5 ways millennials caught in a work slump can increase productivity in the workplace.

1. Pace oneself

With heavy workloads and tight deadlines, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Multitasking and rushing might seem the easiest solution, but slapdash work that might need to be repeated or replaced later on will only make things harder.

It is better for people to pace themselves and balance the quality and quantity of their output. This can be done by carefully planning how much time is needed for each task. The point is to manage time efficiently to avoid compromising quality of work .

Proper pacing can lead to less mistakes, less stress, and more productivity.

2. Ask questions

Both newbies and seasoned employees might frequently encounter tasks that are completely new to them. The worst thing they can do is to panic or act like a know-it-all and refuse to get input from other people.

If assigned a task that is completely new, it’s never a shame for anyone to ask questions. People who ask questions show that they have a strong desire to learn. Insights from people who have “been there and done that” will definitely help in accomplishing tasks more efficiently.

3. Take a break

Working millennials often take the power of breaks for granted. Just because they are younger than most of their workmates doesn’t mean that they should shy away from taking breaks. 

Millennials are human, too, and humans are more productive when they give themselves time to rest.

It is not a waste of time to take breaks—rather, they are investments for a healthy mind. Some people think of solutions to problems while on breaks because a clear and relaxed mind can better process thoughts.

4. Limit digital notifications

In this day and age, it can be tough to limit notifications from smartphones and other gadgets. While smartphones and gadgets can contain all the information one might need, the tidbits of knowledge are not always needed for a productive workday.

To be more productive, it’s better to at least mute your notifications to enable one to stay focused on the things that have to be done in the day.

5. Give importance to health

At the end of the day, no productivity tips will work if people can’t even bring themselves to the office because they are tired or feel under the weather. Eating right and getting the proper nutrition is vital in keeping oneself healthy and productive. So don’t forget to eat three balanced meals per day.

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