Try a different holiday feast at these 6 unconventional dining places


Posted at Dec 22 2016 08:13 PM

Veer away from the usual crowded places. For your year-end celebrations, try something entirely new for a refreshing change of scene, not just in terms of ambiance but the entire dining experience.

As we all know, McKinley Hill is fast becoming the next hotspot in the metro – far from the traditional places we go to year after year.

So embrace change and rejoice during the holidays with a meal here! Have no idea where to bring your friends or family? We’ve got you covered, so you won’t need to sweat on the small stuff. Here are six restaurants to choose from:

1. Cuesina Garden Bistro

Beef bone marrow bulalo.
Crispy pata.

Dining in Cuesina is like going to your lola’s home for Filipino food cooked with love. Try local selections like the Beef Bone Marrow Bulalo, Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso, Lumpiang Hubad Frito and Assorted Chicken and Pork Intestine Skewers. Need we say more? Cuesina is located at the 2/F of Venice Grand Canal Mall.

2. Delicieux

Stuffed Porkchop. Photo by Mae Ilagan

A bite of Delicieux’s specials will instantly take you to New York or Paris. Try their bestseller Baby Back Rib with Hausmacher Sausage, fried potato wedges and coleslaw. And don’t forget the drinks – sip the night away in an amazing setting together with your loved ones. Delicieux is located at the G/F of Venice Grand Canal Mall.

3. Ponte Rialto

Zampone con Lenticchie

If a more laidback setup is your thing, here is your best bet. Located strategically next to the mall’s very own replica of Italy’s most beautiful bridge and the namesake of the restaurant, Ponte Rialto offers an amazing view of the Grand Canal waterfront, a perfect backdrop while enjoying Italian favorites. Ponte Rialto is located at the G/F of Venice Grand Canal Mall.

4. Herbs & Spices

Christmas Platter

Fairly new in the food scene, Herbs & Spices serves a wide array of cuisines to choose from. With Fiipino, Asian, American and Italian dishes, it’s a safe choice for friends with picky palates. Recommendations include the Tuna Rib, US Angus Top Blade, Lamb Provencale, the Ribeye, Lemon Chicken Curry, Fried Shrimp and Corned Beef Bulalo. Herbs and Spices is located at the G/F of Venice Piazza, Venice Grand Canal Mall.

5. Toni & Sergio

Bistecca Alla T&S
Paella Dela Casa

Toni & Sergio serves Mediterranean flavors for an experience that's hard to forget. Don’t miss their savory paella with fresh seafood from the Spanish menu, or their healthy pizzas and pastas covered in Parmigiano cheese from the Italian menu. Delectable, indeed. Toni & Sergio is located at the G/F of Venice Grand Canal Mall.

6. Sauceria


If unique is what you’re after, we found a place where you can try Ampalaya Pizza or Tuna Tataki. Sauceria's diverse menu will amp up your holidays with a different yuletide feast. After your first visit, you might find yourself coming back with a new set of friends to let them enjoy what Sauceria has to offer! Sauceria is located at the G/F of Tuscany Hill.

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