How women should pamper themselves after the holiday stress


Posted at Dec 20 2019 08:18 PM | Updated as of Dec 21 2019 12:06 AM

There are only a few days left before Christmas day and most people, especially women, are already on their feet, doing their holiday shopping while they still got enough time.

Some of them might already be listing the food they are going to cook for the family, and buying new living room curtains and pillow covers for the arriving guests. For sure, nearly all of them have finished decorating the Christmas tree and the whole house with delightful lights, wreaths, and garlands.

Admit it or not, women undergo a series of stress during the holidays because they want everything to look merry and presentable. As Christmas comes closer day by day, they also become busier to top the expectations of the people around them. 

This is why it is highly encouraged for women to pamper themselves once in a while after getting busy and stressed out with all the Christmas preparations. By engaging in a well-deserved 'me' time, they can be happy, enjoy, and relax all at the same time.

They can start by taking a day off from work or school and book a ticket in the cinemas to watch the latest holiday films. If they are low in budget, they can just gather their laptops and binge-watch some of the best series on iWant, Netflix, or iFlix.

While doing so, girls should not forget to fill their tummies with what they are craving whether it is pizza, doughnuts, milk teas, chicken wings, or mac and cheese. For once, they should forget about their diet and go on a cheat day, at the end of the day; they deserve this kind of treatment without any judgement. 

After all these, they should end the day with a relaxing hot bath before they go to a tight sleep.

Before they use body wash or bar soap, they should first apply some body scrub that will give a relaxing in-shower experience while it removes dead skin cells via exfoliating particles that are massaged into the skin and rinsed away to reveal a moisturized layer of skin.

Women's bodies need exfoliating just as much as their faces. They also need an exfoliation routine that is an essential treat their skin deserves to unlock its most beautiful version. Without regular exfoliation, they can end up with clogged pores which can block moisture from getting into the deeper layers that creates a hard and unattractive exterior.

Dove, one of the leading beauty products in the world, believes that a woman who overextends on weekdays, overindulges on weekends—just like her skin that deserves nothing less. With the reinvigorated Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub, all women can easily achieve a fulfilling and cleansed skin. 

The Dove Exfoliating Body Polish gives skin nourishment that just not moisturize but also exfoliates to reveal a moisturized layer of skin. It is enriched with Dove's unique ¼ moisturizing cream and has a soothing scented scrub made of premium natural ingredients—crushed macadamia, kiwi seeds, cool aloe, pomegranate seeds, and shea butter.

This body polish is equipped with a creamy and whipped texture that delivers the moisture-feel and not oily or pasty like the other scrubs in the market. It also has a formulation that forms a nice lather that coats the skin well. 

To properly and effectively use the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the shower or bath, scoop a generous amount of Dove Exfoliating Body Polish with your hand.
Step 2: Massage thoroughly to get a creamy coverage all-over and then rinse away to reveal silky smooth skin.
Step 3: Use 3-4 times a week and follow with the Dove Bar or Dove Body Wash.

Ladies, it is time to reveal your skin's best version by incorporating a game changing exfoliating shower routine with the new Dove Exfoliating Body Polish that will give you soft and smooth skin after.

The Dove Exfoliating Body Polish is available in supermarkets and stores nationwide.

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