WATCH: Why you need to see the good this Christmas

Breeze Philippines

Posted at Dec 20 2016 05:38 PM | Updated as of Jun 20 2017 06:50 PM

MANILA -- Every year is a roller coaster ride for each mom. She encounters several challenges day in and day out. To ease that, why not make an effort surprise her once in a while?

This short film tells a story of a working mom, who is starting to feel frustrated with her son who always have stains on his clothes. It went on and on for days, until one night she caught her son leaving the house with a box full of Christmas lights.

The distressed mom followed her son, and found out the reason why he often ends up having dirty clothes. She fell on her knees as she started to realize that stains are not always signs of naughtiness. Sometimes, they can be a badge of goodness. As seen in the video, small things can make a huge emotional impact to a mom. A little effort once in a while will surely go a long way.

Breeze is joining this effort by proving moms with a powerful detergent that will help them remove stains instantly. Instead of spending a lot of time washing the clothes, they can just spend their time with their families and enjoy the things that really matter.

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