Mouth-watering ideas for Noche Buena

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Posted at Dec 10 2018 11:26 AM

Christmas will always be that season that has a special place in the hearts of Filipinos. 

Aside from the occasion being rooted in deep-seated religiosity, this season is made even more special by opportunities for gatherings and reunions. What better way of cementing happy memories than with equally delightful dishes? 

Here are some mouth-watering recipes for the Noche Buena feast as prepared by Vanjo Merano, a Pinoy IT professional living in Chicago and the man behind 'Panlasang Pinoy,' a leading blog about Filipino food with over 1.3 million YouTube subscribers.

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1. Easy Pinoy Spaghetti

Serve the perfect spaghetti this Christmas with a little help from Merano. Watch how he prepares this all-time, all-season favorite.

He reveals the meaty secret to his tasty spaghetti is Knorr Pork Cubes. 

"Gumagamit ako nito (Knorr Pork Cubes) sa pagluto ng spaghetti nang sa ganoon ay maging buong-buo ang lasa ng pork."

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2. Sisig

Because everything during this season sparkles, why not serve something that sizzles -- like Filipinos' very own sisig?

For Merano, the way to make sisig mouth-watering is to use Knorr Liquid Seasoning. "Imbes na toyo, ito ang ginagamit ko dahil pumum-puno ito ng lasa," he said. 

Merano also adds Lady's Choice Mayonnaise to give the dish a creamier texture.

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3. Chicken Curry

The cool Christmas breeze calls for some heat. Serve your family a bowl of comforting chicken curry.

For a flavorful serving, Merano uses Knorr Ginataang Gulay.

One can easily get the same ingredients Merano used so one too can prepare chicken curry Panlasang Pinoy style.

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