5 signs you're not loving yourself enough


Posted at Dec 07 2017 02:48 PM | Updated as of Dec 08 2017 03:22 PM

Most people wait for that fairytale kind of love. The one that you will magically find in the eyes of your "better half". The one that will knock you off your feet, take your breath away, and make the world a better place as long as you're together.

But you deserve more than that.

You need the kind of love that doesn't just exist in a make-believe world. A love that will push you to become a better person—because you owe it to yourself. A love that will give you a happily ever after—even without another person's help. And you can only attain that kind of love if you learn to truly and deeply love yourself. Flaws and all.

Sadly, sometimes we take ourselves for granted and even abuse our bodies either with too much work, too much stress or too much toxins (yeah, I mean alcohol & other vices). So, if you’re guilty of doing some of the following things, then it might be a sign that you need to start taking better care of yourself.

When you’re stuck in a job you hate. Because you fear change and hate taking risks. You would rather spend your days thinking about what ifs: What if there’s more to life than paying bills monthly? What if I pursue my real passion? What if I could actually find a place that values my worth? But you’ll never know the answer unless you have the courage to let go of the job that crushes your soul.

When you don’t have the courage to say "no". Because you’re good at prioritizing other people’s feelings over yours. It’s totally okay to be selfless. But if pleasing others means hurting yourself in the process, don’t you think that’s a little unfair?

When you give up on your dreams. Because your insecurities made you believe that you’re not good enough. Instead of pulling a Moana—crossing the seas to follow your heart to see how far you’ll go—you chose to stay on your own island. You could be anyone you want to be, anywhere you wish to be. Yet you prefer to keep on dreaming instead of waking up and turning things into reality.

When you keep comparing yourself to others. Because you think that the life they have is actually better than yours. But everyone is fighting their own battle—and theirs might just be as tough as yours. Maybe you’re too busy bringing yourself down instead of finding reasons to feel worthy of love and appreciation.

When you don’t pamper yourself every once in a while. Because you would rather spend time at work than spare even just a few minutes to spoil yourself. And that needs to change. Right now. Go to a spa, schedule a makeover, buy new clothes, grab that lippie you’ve always wanted, and invest in quality skin care (think Pond’s Age Miracle)—you deserve it.

The thing is, it’s hard to receive love from others when you can’t even give it to yourself. True love starts within—go on and love yourself a little more every day!

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