These personalized gifts will make your special someone feel the love this Christmas

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Posted at Nov 21 2017 05:11 PM | Updated as of Nov 22 2017 05:11 PM

Ready your Santa hat and go extra for the holiday gift giving.

By that, we mean extra creative, extra sweet, and extra cool by giving away personalized gifts. It's the perfect solution when you are so over braving crowded malls, and heavy traffic, for Christmas shopping.

It also gives you the chance to prove how far you will go to make someone smile. It is budget-friendly, too!

Keep scrolling to see personalized gift ideas for your loved ones.

1. Playlists. Take inspiration from mix-tapes, and curate songs that best express your feelings for your SO! Then share your playlist via Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud. Bonus points if you explain why you chose each song specifically for your sweetie!

2. Homemade sweets. Who can resist these, seriously? Bake some cookies, create your own chocolate bar, or maybe, you can even design its wrapper. Satisfy their sweet tooth and be prepared to receive the sweetest hugs and kisses from them, too!

3. Customized pillows. If your special someone sleeps better with you by their side, a custom-made pillow with your photo would likely be very much appreciated. It is also one of the best ways to say you will be there for them—even while they are sleeping.

4. Photographs. Got mad photography skills? Put them to good use and capture your favorite person's best moments. Print them, the bigger, the better, and let them hang the photos at home. Be that artsy friend they can always count on to immortalize important occasions!


5. Christmas cards. Bring out your inner artist or writer and create your own witty, funny, or cheesy Christmas cards. If you want to add a little more feeling into your masterpiece, try partnering it with Dove's limited edition engraved bar. It has the words Love, Care, and Happiness written on each bar—which are perhaps the best, most personalized, and most important gifts that anyone could ever ask for.

You can never go wrong by adding a personal touch to your gifts. With all the time and effort you will invest in your presents, you will not fail to spread the love this season of giving!

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