Always #feelingbored? Here are 5 things every tired millennial can relate to

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Posted at Nov 21 2017 05:51 PM

Ever felt so empty you don’t know what to do? Like when you’re done with your homework, and no one’s home but you’re too tired to go out and classes and work are suspended for tomorrow because of a typhoon?

If there’s nothing to do, what are you gonna do? Here are some of those #feelingbored moments we can all relate to:

1. Crush, paramdam ka naman!

Staring at your phone for too long is risky, doctor says. But, what can you do? Wala pang paramdam si crush! You have to stay mahinhin and pakipot all the way. Sure, tell that to yourself. Tiis ganda lang while waiting for that special ping to make your day a whole lot better. Dasal-dasal na lang talaga, magp-PM din siya. *Repeat until it comes true.*

2. Airport delays

A lot of games that we know are the ones that entertain and brings so much fun. But there’s this one game, we hate the most – the waiting game. Whoever got stuck at the airport for hours can attest to that. If you travel often, you can say this happens all the time. Not to mention the not-so-comfy waiting area where you can do nothing but sit and stare at people slowly getting irritated as the hours go by. Plus the food at airports are terribly expensive and the shops, well, forget about that. And it’s not like you did not pay for your flight, right?

3. EDSA-level traffic

Brace yourselves ‘cause this is gonna be a looooong ride. And by long, it means, hours in sweating traffic and nakaka-facepalm Pinoy behavior in mass transit in full display. Everywhere, at almost any time, traffic will haunt you. Rush hour? You mean all day right? If you’re not convinced yet, just try to compute your hours of travel in EDSA on a holiday compared to hours of commute on a payday Friday, the results will shock you.

4. Horror story in five words: No one to talk to

You’re all alone at home, there’s nothing to do, and you’re #feelingbored. So you feel like catching up with your friends who you haven’t seen after the long weekend. But, why is everyone not replying? Did they all go to Japan or something? Sometimes it’s just hard to understand the paradox of life. When you’re feeling all social but no one responds is just the worst feeling. Relate much?

5. What to read next?

Let’s face it, books are really expensive. Plus, if you look for used ones, they are rarely in good condition. Pre-loved books are surely the bookworms’ lifesavers. But sometimes, it really comes to a point where you have finished the entire trilogy in one sitting, and you realize, you don’t have anything to read anymore. There are really good ones at the book store, but come on! How come they cost that much?

Having all that time to waste sometimes gets us bored too. It drains our energy and makes us regret every snack or cake we raided in the ref because we don't have anything to do.

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