Here's why you should consider writing as a profession


Posted at Nov 16 2019 08:05 PM

Can writing actually change your life? Most seasoned writers and published authors would argue that it is a possibility—especially if you have a knack for it.
Author of "The CEO's Woman" and "The Villain's Wife" TheBlips, one of Webnovel's top authors, had never written anything before but she made over P1-M and received a total of 10 million page views in less than one-year. 

A mother of two young babies who was suffering from postnatal depression, felt trapped, lonely and unworthy, TheBlips admitted that writing has helped her get through life's hurdles and it changed everything. 

She discovered Webnovel by accident and was immediately attracted by the content she read on the platform—which later inspired and encouraged her to start creating and publishing her own stories. 

TheBlips was able to build strong female characters in her novels and along the way she became a powerful woman emotionally and financially in real life. Moreover, she became a better mother to her two sons. 

More young people are starting to take notice of the new emerging profession of being a Webnovel author. To earn an income by writing online anytime and anywhere is one of the reasons for this new trend. 

With the success of The Blips, Webnovel is expecting more outstanding authors to spring up in the Phillipines. 

Beginning November 11, Webnovel will offer the chance to win a life-long career with the possibility to earn unlimited high-income with its P10-M "Webnovel Spirity Awards" program. English and Filipino entries are both accepted. 

The winning writers will receive a contract from Webnovel. Every contracted author can receive a minimum income of $1,600, plus professional guidance and editing support. 

Webnovel is an online, global literature platform. It boasts more than 16,000 international authors and more than 200 language translators. As of September 2019, Webnovel had published over 60,000 original novels and aggregated more than 6 million monthly active users globally.

For more details, visit Webnovel’s website.

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