Dowell offers energy-saving range of air conditioners

Issa Litton

Posted at Oct 26 2018 04:47 PM | Updated as of Oct 29 2018 07:01 PM

Being in a tropical country like the Philippines means a need to turn to cooling solutions. 

And in doing so, it is important to pick one that is energy-saving and affordable. 

Dowell offers window-type air conditioners that range from .60 horsepower (hp) to 1.5 hp models. These promote energy efficiency which then helps conserve and protect the environment, staying true to the brand's I-ConSave campaign. 

The air conditioners use EcoPro Technology (EPT) that reduces greenhouse gases and possesses a higher level of Energy Efficiency ratio that reflects a low energy consumption. 

These also feature microbe filters that protect from micro-organisms and even an IP24 rating, which means it is protected from solid objects and liquid penetration. 

The Dowell window-type air conditioners are manual with side or top discharge, 3-fan speed, thermostat selection, and also has removable and washable air filters.

For those who prefer inverters, Dowell offers window-type air conditioners in 1.0 to 1.5 hp models. 

This version promotes consistent energy saving through Inverter Technology with innovative features where one can chill and save. 

The Smart Invertech campaign uses consistent current flow that makes less energy wastage. It also uses R-32 refrigerant that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and lower Global Warming Potential. 

This can appeal to those who are passionate about minimizing their carbon footprint while availing of a premium cooling product. 

The Dowell Inverters are remote-controlled with side discharge and 3-fan speed features. It also has thermostat selection, a timer, removable and washable air filters and can be remotely controlled.

For those who seek comfort, it's good to know there are affordable and environment-friendly cooling solutions despite today's rising temperatures and costs.

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