5 ways we can do our part in combating world hunger

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Posted at Oct 16 2017 07:03 PM | Updated as of Oct 18 2017 04:25 PM

MANILA -- Can you still count the times you shared food photos on social media?

You probably snapped and shared a photo of that beautifully plated cheesecake you ordered from a signature coffee shop or that mouth-watering gelato you bought from a popular Italian restaurant.

With the birth of social media, we are sharing more food virtually than ever before. Over 3.5 million food photos are posted, liked, and shared online, everyday, resulting in 1.2 billion posts bearing the hashtag #food every year.

The numbers sound ironic because, based on recent statistics, 815 million people still go to bed hungry. In the Philippines alone, 7 million people are considered malnourished; most of them are children.

Last Monday, October 16, we celebrated World Food Day. You probably had lunch in some fancy restaurant, taking photos, and sharing them on your social media accounts. You might have even used the hashtag #food on your post.

But is that the right way to celebrate such meaningful event? If you're up to making a change and inspiring others, here are some of the ideas you can try:

1. Don't waste food

Day by day, tons of food are getting thrown in the garbage can. This, because we tend to produce more than what we can consume.

The best way to eradicate food wastage is to limit production. If we only cook the amount of food we can consume, we’d be able to save a lot of raw materials that we can consume later on.

2. Find ways to conserve food

There are many ways to conserve food. One thing you can do is to be more practical with your recipes.

Choose to cook the ones that will require less wastage. Be sure to utilize all ingredient. Chicken broth, for example, can be frozen and used for future consumption.

3. Support local

You should also support local organic farmers by buying their produce. This way, you are not only sure you’re eating healthy food. You are also helping them grow their livelihood.

You can also build a vegetable garden in your backyard. This way, you can pick the food you want anytime, without worrying about wastage.

4. Bring food packs to the streets

You can set up a soup kitchen in your garage, but it will be best to bring it directly to the people who need them.

Just like this foodie, you can rent a van and personally deliver food to the homeless. It’s best if you bring food that will not easily spoil so they can

5. #ShareTheMeal


For every share of Knorr’s World Food Day post, Knorr will donate a meal for a person in need.

Using Facebook, just share the post created by Knorr, and Knorr will turn that share into a donation to the World Food Programme (WFP). This year, Knorr is donating up to €300,000 which equates to 1.5 million meals.

You may also download the World Food Programme’s ShareTheMeal app, and use it to​ ​take a photo of your food, choose the amount you want to donate. And using the ​#ShareTheMeal​ ​filter, share​ ​the pictures​ ​on your social media channels. Donations start at ​€0.40​ which will feed a child for a day.

Funds donated by Knorr and through the ShareTheMeal app will be given by the World Food Programme to families in need via a cash-based transfer system, allowing people to shop for their own food with dignity and freedom.

You may download the #ShareTheMeal app on Google Play and iTunes.

These may be little steps, but these actions will bring hope to millions of people all over the world. We are not just combating a current social problem, but setting an example for the future generations by leaving the message that starvation should not be the reality of anyone, especially children. By following these suggestions, we can combat hunger and malnutrition one meal at a time.

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