Catriona Gray's ABCs of pursuing one's passions

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Posted at Oct 09 2019 02:20 PM

For kids, it's so easy to answer the question "What do you want to be?" Whether they want to be a neighborhood mechanic or an astronaut, they'd say it out loud, without any reservation.

Grown-ups have a harder time with this question. The response is almost always, "I want to be this, but..." We tend to doubt if we have what it takes to pursue our passions. Often, we worry about what other people would say.

In the latest BDO campaign, we see a swarm of bashers discouraging Catriona Gray from chasing her goal of becoming Miss Universe. They tell her she's "not good enough," that she "can't do it."

But Gray is undeterred. "When you know yourself and love what you do, nothing can stop you," she says, before showing everyone how she turned her dream into reality.

Here are some lessons we got from Gray's BDO ad, on how we can find our way toward the pursuit of our passions:

Assess yourself

Gray underscored the importance of knowing ourselves. Indeed, it is crucial to take time to identify what our goals in life are, assess our talents and skills, and see how these all align.

Is it your lifelong dream to be a painter? Do you have the skills for it? If you're not confident enough about your skills, then what can you do to improve them?

As they say, a dream without a plan is just a wish. If we're firm about our goal, we should lay out a well-thought-out plan to achieve it.

Begin now

Despite being bombarded by other people's judgments and opinions, Gray kept her focus and got down to work. She did not let the negativity paralyze her. She did not waste time second-guessing herself. She put her heels on, whipped up a game plan, and went down to business.

Collaborate with the right people

Who says we should pursue our passions by ourselves? Let's take it from Gray. She worked very closely with people whom she knows would support her vision for winning the crown. She was also careful to pick partners who shared her innovative spirit, and who would go the extra mile to help her find her way.

And looking beyond Miss Universe, she has chosen BDO as her partner in going for her other life goals.

"BDO finds ways for me and 104 million Filipinos, and that's the kind of brand I need around me, to be partners with. Together, we find ways," she said.

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