'Kilig' short films inspire viewers to have a moment with their crush

Selecta Cornetto

Posted at Sep 26 2018 03:32 PM | Updated as of Sep 26 2018 05:25 PM

Regardless of age or what you’re going through in life, everyone wants to have a moment with their crush but the first step can be a little intimidating.

A new series of videos from ice cream brand Selecta Cornetto was launched last week and has since been trending all over social media. These videos present simple ways to #CONEfess to your crush with three stories that will make you gush.

Watch the videos below to get a dose of inspiration: 

1. Translation 

You know how close a friendship is if, even after a long time apart, it’s like no time has passed at all between the two.

But the closer you are, the harder it is to confess your true feelings.

What better way to break it to them lightly than with a good dose of humor?

2. Field Trip 

Have a long-time school crush? A little courage, some charm plus a bit of help from friends might be all it takes to move forward.

A good laugh and some ice cream always makes it easier to strike a conversation.

3. Hintayan

For the mystery cuties in our lives, we know that it is hard enough to simply say “hi”! But when the chance comes, just say it. Sometimes that’s all it takes.


As seen in the "#CONEfessions" videos, Cornetto's all-new cone lids feature 32 different humorous lines. These 'kilig' lines can help those who are planning to reveal their feelings to their crushes, or just brighten up one's day.

Have the courage to 'CONEfess' and share a cone. If you liked the videos, follow @selectacornetto and click the link below for more #Conefessions episodes!

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