European nutrition company for moms enters PH market

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Posted at Aug 30 2019 12:18 PM | Updated as of Aug 30 2019 04:41 PM

Nutricia shares its science and innovation history during a special event for the medical community. One of Europe’s leading brands for early life nutrition invited international experts to talk about the breakthroughs in nutrition science. From left: Dr. Udo Herz, Dr. Flavia Indrio, and Dr. Hugo Heijmans

It is established around the world that mothers are known to be the major deciding factor in how a child comes to be. What they do during pregnancy, what practices they observe, what activities they engage in, all have a heavy impact on their child.

In this age of many health hazards, how will you secure the best future for your children? How will you safeguard their immune systems against threats?

We could choose not to do it, but we have a commitment. This was the message of Nutricia Country Manager Alexandre Freri and Nutricia Global Science Director Dr. Udo Herz during the company’s announcement of intent to launch in the Philippines.

During the company launch held at Shangri-La Hotel in BGC, the most wholesome practices during pregnancy up to the child’s infancy and toddlerhood were discussed.

Event headliners consisted of international experts in the field such as Dr. Flavia Indrio, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Bari, Italy, and Dr. Hugo Heijmans, Chairman of the Global Health Initiative, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam.

Commitment to the Philippines

The Philippines is now just a few months away from this early-life nutrition company largely accommodating women and children.

Despite the long wait of three years, Nutricia stayed true to its commitment to bring safe and high-quality products after the European mold of international standards by following the local regulation.

"We could actually choose not to do it but that’s how committed we are to the Philippines, and that’s the only reason why we didn't come earlier. We were really studying the market. It was a long process because we want to do the right thing," Freri said.

Commitment to early life nutrition

The early life of babies is a critical period since there is always the possibility of deficiencies and outbalance, which cannot be overcome easily through normal diet. This is where Nutricia steps in, translating science into their products.

"The relationship between fiber and the gut microbiota is important; and that is actually one central conviction of Nutricia – the importance of diverse and complex microbiota for the development of immunity, as an example," said Herz.

Nutricia extends its efforts for simple and relevant dietary guidelines at all stages of babies' first 1,000 days to become accessible for all parents, enriching their home practices with appropriate and informed feeding options for their children.

Commitment to stand by mothers

The Philippines will be one of the few countries along with Germany, the UK, and South Korea to experience Aptamom – a nutritional snack bar.

Nutricia attempts to enter the Philippine market starting with Aptamom simply because it is committed to cultivating its mission statement to "stand by moms to nurture new lives."

"First of all, when you care about your consumer, you need to understand them. So what inspired us is the relationship and the research we do... This product is actually the solution to providing what is needed – one bar a day. That is the convenient format, and a format that is well-accepted by mothers during pregnancy in terms of taste," Freri said.

Aptamom is primarily to support nutritional needs for pregnant women. But a comprehensive, complete portfolio on the subject of early life nutrition of pregnancy, infancy, and toddlerhood will be available for further launch later this year.

Commitment to the latest technology in medical nutrition

Science is at the very heart of Nutricia’s nutrition and health commitment. As such, aside from promoting early life nutrition products for infants, it also delves into a multidisciplinary approach that courses through innovative nutritional concepts, to build onto those concepts with the use of the latest science and technology, and to develop them over time for a better consumer experience.

The company’s areas of R&D on nutrition and growth, human milk research, digestive health, immunity and allergy, brain, muscle, clinical studies, product development, process technology, medical devices, and sensory and consumer service, are moderated by tremendous network. 

With a centennial’s worth of history, research centers and hubs are installed in various parts of the world, the biggest one being in Utrecht, the Netherlands, with more than 600 people under its care.

Meanwhile, university collaborations comprised of more than 200 leading institutes and researchers.

Commitment to Mother Earth

A 240-million euro investment has been earmarked by the Danone group for the completion of a state-of-the-art Dutch factory March this year. Danone is Nutricia's mother company.

According to Freri, the production facility will operate on the principle of zero waste. It is powered with compost and renewable energy which reflects the commitment to the vision of Danone: One Planet, One Health, Freri said.

"One planet, one health means we all share one planet, therefore we need to make sure that we keep it in a sustainable way," Freri said.

Danone is leading that path in terms of providing sustainable solutions and creating fresh concepts that cater to the environment while manufacturing top-tier nutritional products.

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