Is Wi-Fi dead spot killing you? Here's how to hit back


Posted at Aug 30 2017 10:14 PM | Updated as of Aug 31 2017 05:00 PM

We've all been to that frustrating situation. You're in the middle of an important video call, then you started walking and suddenly the conversation stops. You just hit a dead spot. 
A dead spot refers to the certain areas of your house that your Wi-Fi couldn't reach. It could be your kitchen, bathroom, terrace and worst, your own room. 
Apart from being a big hassle, Wi-Fi dead spots also prevent you from getting the best out of your Internet connection. They stop you from maximizing your Wi-Fi experience, limiting your moves and even your lifestyle. 
So, as a friendly advice, never tolerate a dead spot. Don't be a victim of an overkill. Learn how to fight back. Here's how: 
Find out where the dead spots are by bringing your mobile device and checking signal strength across your house. 
Just like a professional detective, be vigilant and attentive to details while locating these frustrating dead spots. Make a list, prioritizing the areas where you're most likely to work or surf the net. 
You may use applications like the Wi-Fi Analyzer, downloadable from Google Play Store, to assess network strength and the frequency of surrounding networks. 

Upon determining the location of these dead spots, resolve the problem. This is when you hit back, the moment to prove you're the boss of the house. 
One way to resolve dead spots is by upgrading your Wi-Fi router. Make sure that your router is updated and has wider coverage. You may also install a wireless repeater, which can extend your Wi-Fi coverage to a larger, multi-level area. 
Ultimately, innovate. You may have upgraded your router and installed wireless repeaters, but the best way to ensure that a dead spot will never appear again is to find the ultimate solution. 
We need an innovative Wi-Fi solution that will make sure the whole house is covered by a reliable, consistent Wi-Fi connection that is free from any dead spots. 
And as we search for the ultimate solution, we ask you to hang on and bear with us. Stay tuned for updates.

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