Creative ways to raise germ and bacteria awareness among children


Posted at Aug 25 2020 02:43 PM


One of the interesting things about teaching is that there are numerous styles to explore and develop. When teaching children, for instance, one can go full-on traditional with books, go digital with online tools and apps, or go for a fusion of both. But education is not just about teaching, it is more important for the learner to digest and utilize as much information as possible.

When it comes to germ awareness, it is essential to not only have the best cleaning tools to help eliminate germs, but also teach every member of the household how to fight against it. For kids, it is necessary to empower them to competently face the harsh reality of unavoidable situations like a pandemic. In order to do so, acquainting them with the topic through interactive ways is a commendable approach for them to learn it extensively.

Just as well, plenty of learning methods for children have already come and gone over the years. And while the traditional way is productive, anytime is a good time to invest in new strategies. After all, learning styles for a modern lifestyle are all about dynamic and fun activities. Here are ways how.

Handwashing song

One way to let kids remember anything is by incorporating it in a song. As everybody may already know, the 20-second rule in handwashing is the bare minimum when it comes to proper hygiene. Let your kids practice this without the bleakness or seriousness of sheer counting by singing through it with a melody like this.

Powder demo

Like all individuals, children are visual beings. Especially for big and complex topics, they would need accurate representations of how things work in order to help comprehend the process. In the case of germ contamination, make a fun demonstration by using baby powder and pretending to sneeze by blowing on it. This will teach kids how fast germs spread and how it is therefore critical to cover one's mouth when sneezing or coughing.

Touch game

Have kids participate in this activity where they will learn how quickly it is to pick up germs from their surroundings. Simply place tiny cutouts of germs on places kids commonly touch inside the room. After, tape a double-sided tape on their palm and let them touch around these places. Let them share how they feel about collecting plenty of germs in a short amount of time. 

Sandwich experiment

Perform the sandwich experiment where one sandwich is touched by dirty or unwashed hands and one where it is touched by clean hands with either soap or alcohol, before placing them in individual plastic wraps. Observe both sandwiches for a week, and talk to kids about the final results, and why it came down to it. 

All these activities are just four among countless other customized methods to keep children interested while learning about germ awareness. It is by instructing them through play—using super weapons like alcohol help fight germs—that they get to attentively absorb these lessons and gradually supplement these to their values.

Enter Hygienix, a rubbing alcohol brand that promotes the same advocacy with its new campaign ''Fight World Germination with Hygienix,'' positioning germ-fighting as a fun, dynamic, and family-friendly activity with a superhero-inspired theme. The campaign encourages parents to assist their children in targeting the looming threat of germs and bacteria—which can spread diseases and cause body odor—through recreational means.

Unlike other rubbing alcohol that leaves the skin dry, Hygienix Germ-Kill Alcohol has a non-drying formula to moisturize and keep skin soft and fragrantly smooth. It also comes with a refreshing scent and a cooling after-feel, and is safe to use anytime, anywhere.

A lot can be said about modern living. But at the heart of it is addressing modern issues with modern strategies. Do not shelter kids from the reality of disease-causing germs, instead, empower them and guide them on how to overcome it.

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