5 common dishes you'll enjoy more with cheese

Eden Cheese

Posted at Jul 31 2017 06:42 PM

Pinoys just love to eat. Be it a big celebration or just a simple Sunday brunch with the family, food is always the star of the table.

This fascination for food and eating has resulted in different recipes that evolve overtime and are passed on to the next generation.

Through the years, there's one ingredient that we simply can't resist using as it adds extra creaminess to any dish. Of course, we're talking about the Pinoy family favorite, Eden Cheese. So in case you're still unaware, here are some of the recipes you can make extra creamy with Eden:

1. Inihaw na Bangus

For a country that boasts of over 7,000 islands, fish is one of the staple ingredients in our dishes. And, perhaps, the most popular among these is the all-time favorite bangus. One of the easiest and the best ways to cook bangus is by grilling it. Here's a simple, but cheesy recipe:

2. Tortang Ampalaya

Tortang Ampalaya is perfect for health buffs. But not many kinds are fond of this bitter-tasting vegetable. By adding cheese, you can enhance its flavor and lessen the bitter taste. Surely, you kids will love this nutritious recipe:

3. Monggo Soup

Another Pinoy favorite is Monggo Soup. It's a perfect pair for fried dishes, and is usually served on Fridays. So, make your Monggo Day extra special with this cheesy recipe:

4. Giniling

Perfect for both bread and rice, giniling is one of the most popular Pinoy dishes for all types of occasions. You can make your giniling cheesier and more creamy with this recipe:

5. Fried Rice

For those who want a heavy breakfast, sinangag is always the best choice. But you can make the plain sinangag extra exciting with this recipe:

Level up your everyday dishes with Eden Cheese! For more quick and easy cheese recipes visit CheeseAnything.com.

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