Cut down on your electricity bill with these tips and tricks


Posted at Jul 24 2019 01:04 PM | Updated as of Jul 24 2019 01:05 PM

When we were younger, our parents used to remind us not to waste electricity at home. We did not pay much attention to it growing up as we were not the ones paying for our own bills.

This is something we have learned to understand, however, when we became adults. A huge chunk of our monthly budget goes to it, sparking a need to constantly search for smart ways to save money.

Looking to cut down on your energy bill and keep your expenses in check? Below are some tips and tricks that might help.

Count on natural light in the morning. Open your curtains and bring in some natural light into your abode. You won’t have to consume electricity on the lights as the sun can already provide proper lighting to your home.

Get the most out of every laundry wash. Avoid using electricity over and over again by choosing to fill your washing machine with large loads of laundry instead of repeating the process in small batches.

Keep track of your air conditioner usage. We need an A.C. to get rid of bothersome heat in our spaces and it will not be a problem if our usage is managed properly. There are appliances that make this possible and the Carrier Smart + Cool System is a fine example. The package comes with a Carrier Aircon that can be paired with a Smart + Cool Plug and the Smart + Cool Android or iOS application that allows you to use your air conditioner more efficiently, giving you your money’s worth and helping you save money in the long run.

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