A couple conquers midlife crisis and rediscovers love that can stand the test of time

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Posted at Jul 21 2017 02:53 PM

"Ang daming love stories na hindi pinapakita ng mga nangyari after nilang magsabi ng ‘Mahal kita.’ Babagsak ang ulan, tapos end credits na. After that, ano ‘yung nangyayari? May forever ba talaga? Nandoon pa rin ba 'yong fire ng pag-ibig? Nandoon pa rin ba 'yung lambing?"

These are the questions that challenged filmmaker Mihk Vergara to delve into the part of a love story that’s not often explored, and the result is the short film “Sayaw.”

“Sayaw” is about George and his wife, who are struggling to bring back the gleeful days of their married life. Where they used to be so in love, they are at a point where the love has gone cold.

Despite this, George never stopped trying to reach out to his wife and letting her feel his love, reminding her of how much they used to have so much fun on the dancefloor with their moves perfectly coordinated, and how happy they used to be.

Then things took a shocking turn: George has a stroke and is left debilitated.


Just as Mihk pointed out, indeed, many movies end after the couple exchanges vows, promising to love each other for eternity. “Sayaw” gives us a peek into what comes after that. It emphasizes that not all love stories are fairy tale-perfect, but that doesn't mean they can't have a happy ending.

This message certainly made an impact on heartthrob Piolo Pascual, who watched the film with his friends. The 40-year-old actor mused that life truly has plenty of surprises, and this is why one should try to stay fit and be financially secure for the people he loves.

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Check out the video and watch Piolo’s discussion with his friends to know more about Sun Fit and Well.


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