3 air conditioning myths that may cost users money


Posted at Jul 09 2018 04:01 PM

While there are many random pieces of information and "helpful" tips being passed around about air conditioning and keeping the home cool, some of these might just be myths.

Whether a person is planning to get an air conditioner for their home or they already own one, it is important to know fact from fiction in order to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Myth 1: The bigger the aircon, the better.

Air conditioners are designed to cool the air throughout the home at a certain rate. A large air conditioner will cool a small room at the same rate that it will cool a bigger space, thus consuming more energy. 

An air conditioner should be the right size to fit a home. It might need to run a bit longer, but will use less electricity.

Myth 2: An air conditioner's filter will only need to be cleaned at least once a year.

Air conditioners need to "breathe." Dirty air filters hinder the flow of air, forcing air conditioners to work harder. Regular cleaning at least every two to three months is recommended.

However, filters will need to be cleaned more frequently if air conditioners are run for long hours, if there are pets in a house, or if there are people with allergies in residence.

A clean air filter will keep an air conditioner running efficiently, and can also decrease wasted energy by up to 10 percent.

Myth 3: Air conditioners consume too much energy.

Nowadays, air conditioning units are required to come out with efficiency ratings and technologies that significantly reduce energy costs.

If an air conditioner consumes too much energy, there might be a need to ensure it is properly installed. Improper installation and incorrect unit size are two factors that studies have shown greatly impact efficiency and cost.

One of the best ways to save money in home cooling is to use an air conditioner sensibly. First, however, comes the purchase of a good product that can be relied upon.

To help families make more energy-efficient choices, Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances offers Heavy Duty Premium Inverter Air Conditioners. 

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The Fujidenzo HD Premium Inverter Air Conditioner was also designed with an inverter module that can help get up to 60% energy savings per electricity bill.

These air conditioners also boast of environment friendly features with their use of R32 and R410A refrigerants which operate quietly for a good night's sleep. They also provide health benefits that will give extra comfort while keeping the family healthy. 

The built-in 3-in-1 Clean Air filter produces Vitamin C, silver ions, and cold catalyst ions also help purify the air. 

All Fujidenzo HD Premium Inverter air conditioners also come with a remote control and digital temperature display, so users can easily set their desired room temperature for better comfort. The HD Premium Inverter Air Conditioners are available in window type and split type model backed with one year warranty on parts and service and five years on the compressor. 

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