WATCH: Mother's love gives comfort beyond words in heartwarming video


Posted at Jun 29 2018 06:49 PM

 Whether during happy days or sad, nothing beats the reassuring comfort of a mother's hug, as shown in the short film "Pamahiin".
"Pamahiin" features an aspiring lawyer who, despite faithfully reviewing the books and obeying his mother's superstitions, failed the bar exams. All his hopes and aspirations were shattered the moment he learned that he had failed.
Disappointed in his quest, he shut his door and avoided talking to anyone. Lucky for him, his mother found a way to bring him comfort by cooking his favorite food, tinolang manok, which she made meatier and heartier with Knorr.
The comforting dish helped bring the young man out of his shell and into his mother's arms, preventing him from spiraling into deep sadness.
Support from family and knowing they are not alone, mental health experts say, is one of the first steps in helping a person get over their depression.

With a loved one's unwavering support, disappointments can be overcome.
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