VIRAL: Eden's heart-warming tribute to single moms on Father's Day

Eden Cheese

Posted at Jun 17 2017 09:12 PM

Not all heroes wear capes. And not all fathers wear ties.

Moms can be dads, too. Many times, a mother takes a father's role just to provide nothing but the best for her children. Many modern moms take multiple roles-- as breadwinner, as household manager, as caregiver. 

This is what Eden's heart-warming Father's Day tribute proved as it melted thousands of hearts and induced various emotions among single moms and their children days before the celebration. 

Uploaded on June 13, the Father's Day tribute video has touched thousands of hearts online. This came as no surprise as the story is really brilliant and original. 

Starring is a middle-aged single mom who juggles different male-dominated jobs so she can give her children a decent meal at the end of the day. She works as a tricycle driver, as a market vendor, as a mobile peanut vendor, and a car wash personnel. And after a day of arduous work, she comes home and greet her children with a gentle hug and a sweet smile. 

On Father's Day, she comes home to a warm dinner that was made cheesier with Eden cheese. Here's the story: 


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