Long distance parenting made simple with these tips

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Posted at Jun 11 2019 04:27 PM

Parent would want their children to grow into independent and responsible adults. 

When a child (or parent) decides to take on a new chapter abroad or in another city -- whether to study, work, volunteer, or even just to travel -- it’s a great opportunity for both to learn more about themselves. However parents couldn’t help but worry as families continue on with their lives away from each other.

Good thing long distance parenting doesn’t have to be that difficult these days anymore. While each of us has his or her own parenting style, consider these 3 tips in raising your child from afar.

Stay connected online.

Compared to years ago when the means to communication is limited, life today is more convenient, now that you can video call a relative from another continent in just a few clicks. With technology, there is no excuse not to stay in touch. Take the initiative to call them or message them regularly on social messaging apps. Simple “how are you’s” will help with homesickness.

2. Set rules.

Even if your child is away from home, make ground rules and set boundaries that will still respect his or her personal interests. You can’t watch them over time, but with your guidance, they can grow into a person with good values and beliefs.

3. Discuss budgeting. 

Don’t be shy to discuss money with your child. As early as now, teens need to learn how to manage money, especially since they’ll be living independently eventually.

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