How to hit your goals this 2019


Posted at Jun 03 2019 02:25 PM

It's always easy to think of remarkable goals in life. The motivations are there but achieving them is half the struggle. Let us show you how you can get to 100 percent achievement this 2019.

You may be working towards saving for your Iceland trip later this year or for the soon-to-be released sneakers that you’ve been eyeing. Whatever it is you’re aiming for, here are some reminders on how to take your dreams to another level.

Define your goals

There are three questions to ask why you want to achieve something and these will help you define what you’re set out to do this year. Ask yourself these questions: What do I want to achieve? How am I going to get there? And the most important question of the three: Why do I want it?

Set boundaries

There are a number of studies that say that, “setting boundaries can help you achieve your goals.” Figure out which could derail you. And learn to say no. Setting boundaries is all about balance. List down the things that may be adding onto your expenses like the usual after-work drinking sprees or even reducing your cellphone bill.

Commit to yourself

Every goal you want to pursue requires commitment. It's always important to take to heart whatever you want to attain. If you are saving up for the smartphone that will soon be released, it's important to focus on that goal rather than to be swayed by a promo or sale online, night out with friends or sudden splurges.

Enjoy the journey

As we see our goals come to life, it’s essential to remind ourselves to go with the flow and enjoy every bit of the journey. More than bagging the latest gadgets or statement bag you’ve set your eyes on, the experiences, memories and growth to get to what you want to accomplish is the ultimate reward.

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