Why Eyelash Perming Helps You Cut Down Your Makeup Time


Posted at May 31 2019 06:10 PM

The struggle is real when it comes to getting ready for work. We’ve all been in that situation when you wake up late and hurriedly do your makeup. Now, you can press the snooze button for a few more minutes, and still make it to the office on time thanks to Browhaus and its Lash Curl Up treatment.

The INTERNATIONAL eyelash and eyebrow grooming chain helps customers look more polished and put together with its innovative eyelash perm. This treatment will keep your lashes curled for up to 1 to 2 months, depending on how you take care of it. 

“Getting an eyelash perm can cut down your makeup prep time immensely, since you don’t need to curl your lashes and apply mascara. Plus, it keeps your lashes healthy, as daily curling tends to make your lashes brittle,” says Strip Manila and Browhaus Manila Marketing Manager Monique Jamlang. 

But before heading out to any salon, Jamlang cautions customers to have the treatment done only by the experts. “The solution used in eyelash perming by some brands is potent, so in inexperienced hands, it can damage not only your lashes but your eyes, which can affect vision.” 

“Browhaus is very different from other brands, because the solution that we use is natural and it does not harm your lashes. In addition, we guarantee that you are safe and comfortable throughout the whole procedure,” adds Jamlang. 

How is the Lash Curl Up done? 

1. The technician will have you take a seat and study your lashes, pointing out the sparse areas on your lash line. Eye makeup and any other residue will be wiped away, and a sticker will be placed on the bottom lashes to separate them from the upper lashes.

2. She will then apply your lashes onto the plalot, which works like “rollers” for your lashes. 

3. The technician will apply a perming solution, and put a cloth your eyes. This will be left to set for 25 minutes, giving you the opportunity to take a nap. 

4. A neutralizer will then be applied and will be kept on for another 18 minutes.

5. Finally, the eye cover and the plalot will be removed, and the remnants of the solution will be cleaned. An Undercoat Lash and Brow Conditioner will be applied to keep lashes moisturized. 

Aftercare Dos and Don’ts: 

1. DO get an aftercare product such as the Undercoat Lash and Brow Conditioner and apply as directed. 
2. DO wash your face with cool water. 
3. DO choose a water-based eye makeup remover. 
4. You are allowed to hit the gym and workout right after, just make sure not to rub your eyes. 


1. DO NOT wear mascara for 3 to 4 days. 
2. DO NOT wash with hot water or direct water. 
3. Avoid rubbing your eyes. 
4. Avoid using a lash curler.
5. Swimming, hot showers, and/or use of the sauna is not allowed for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Result: Enjoy waking up every morning with gorgeous lashes that will have you looking fab for every occasion. 

Browhaus’ The Lash Curl Up costs P3,028. New clients get a special discount! Browhaus is located at Serendra, Greenbelt 5, SM Mega Fashion Hall, Power Plant, TriNoma, Abreeza Mall, and Lucky Chinatown. Call 0917-882-7697 to book an appointment.

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