Waxing first-timers will love this new treatment!

Strip Manila

Posted at May 31 2019 06:07 PM | Updated as of May 31 2019 06:08 PM

Summer may be over, but more adventures await! For those planning trips over the next few months, make sure you’re ready for the beach or the pool with soft, baby smooth skin. Unwanted hair “down there” may hinder some of you to wear a swimsuit, and many of you are wondering: “Should I shave, wax, or laser it all off?” 

While shaving may be the cheapest option, it’s been said that the hair can grow thicker and coarser. Laser, on the other hand, is quite pricey. And waxing? A tad too painful! Don’t worry as Strip Manila’s latest waxing treatment changes the game for first-timers and delights the patrons who regularly hit the salon for their waxing needs. 

The new waxing treatment, called Pop My Cherry, is especially designed for Brazilian wax “virgins” and the younger set. “We try to make waxes for different types of people and for different types of skin. Pop My Cherry is actually similar to our strawberry wax, which is recommended for our younger clientele whose hair has never been touched,” says Strip Manila and Browhaus Manila Marketing Manager Monique Jamlang. “Their skin is a little more sensitive, so the ingredients we use are more soothing.”

With Strip Manila, you are certain that treatments are safe, clean, effective, and quick, as trained personnel abide by the company’s mantra: Hygiene, Speed, and Quality. Strip Manila’s Waxperts (or wax therapists) wear gloves, and uphold the highest standard of hygiene and sanitation. They never double-dip their spatulas; they use the right heat temperature; and ensure a fast and effective procedure, making the waxing experience much more comfortable for their clients.

How is the Pop My Cherry Wax done? 

1. Before the procedure, the Waxpert will provide individually sealed disposable hygiene packs. Inside is a cleansing wipe, gloves, spatulas, a Q-tip, and post-wax cream. “The hygiene pack was fixed in a clean environment, so you are assured that everything is sanitized,” says Jamlang. The Waxpert will then leave you in the room, so you can undress and clean your treatment area with the cleansing wipe.

2. The Waxpert will proceed to clean the area further (pre-wax care treatment) before waxing your pubic region, both front and back, which includes the vagina, perineum, and anus. The treatment is done within 30 minutes. 
3. Finally, your Waxpert will clean the treatment area and apply the post-wax anti-inflammatory cream.


For the next 24 hours, it’s advised that clients: 

1. DO exfoliate every 4 to 7 days; 7 days after they wax.
2. NO intensive exercise. 
3. NO hot baths. 
4. NO swimming or sunbathing. 
5. NO heat or UV treatments like saunas or sun beds. 
6. NO wearing of tight clothing. 
7. NO scrubbing or rubbing of the treated area. 
8. DO NOT use feminine wash, lotions, or oils. 

Result: The feeling after the treatment is the best thing ever! It’s well worth the slight pain and discomfort. Your pubic region will be softer, smoother, and hair-free! Strip Manila advises its clients to return every month for their sessions to ensure thinner and finer hair over time.

Strip Manila’s Pop My Cherry Wax costs P1,898. New clients are given a special discount. Strip Manila is located at Greenbelt, Serendra, and SM Mega Fashion Hall. Call 0917-897-8747 for appointments. 

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