Win games and hearts: 3 tips to becoming a better basketball player


Posted at May 26 2019 03:57 PM | Updated as of May 27 2019 02:27 PM

Filipinos have a strong, long-held love affair with basketball. No wonder they are deemed one of the biggest fans of the sport in the world.

Their strong liking for the sport is apparent in the presence of makeshift basketball courts found in most communities, making it possible for them to battle it out any time, any day.

The uncomplicated rules of the game make it a beloved sport. Despite how easy the sport may seem to some, players must be knowledgeable in order to successfully win each and every quarter of the game to emerge victorious.

Come up fresh with the right skills and attitude as you compete on the court. Here are some ways to win the trophy, as well as people's hearts.

1. Develop your play

No one comes perfectly built with the right skills. Make it a habit to always improve your flair on the court, especially rookie players. Know your weak points and aim to develop them by acquiring the necessary skills.

Among the key areas that players need to focus on include shooting, passing, proper footwork, rebounding, and proper posture.

2. Grow your basketball know-how

Aside from actually playing the sport, basketball players can further develop their competence by observing how other players and competitors train in the gym. It’s also advisable that they read and watch resources online that can help them with new techniques to improve their form.

Basketball is a team game. Take the rules to heart and understand each and every one's role, because every move is crucial to win the game.

3. Put together the right get-up

From the comfortable and perfectly fitted apparel bearing the team's name, to the confident looks that emanate power and optimism, basketball players can catch the attention of everyone in the audience, most especially the girls, with ease. What more when they put on their alluring smiles?

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