3 easy steps to organize a refrigerator


Posted at May 25 2018 02:27 PM | Updated as of May 28 2018 11:56 AM

Does the inside of your refrigerator look messy and cramped? Is it hard to look for certain items because there is too much clutter?

Cleaning out and organizing the refrigerator can be quite an overwhelming chore for some. But with a few tips and tricks, cleaning and organizing your fridge will not be as awful as it can seem.

1. Clean and clear

The first step is to empty out your fridge and take an inventory of the contents. Toss out-of-date or expired items and identify food items you need regularly. This will help you not only in organizing but also in planning out your grocery shopping for the week. It might seem like a huge task to get everything out of the ref, but it's going to make the rest of the organizing process much easier.

2. Map out and measure

There are different compartments in the ref and understanding how each one works can make it easier to find the right place for each kind of food. The temperature also varies throughout your fridge and you have to take this into consideration. Door shelves are usually a bit warmer and a good place to store your condiments and butter. The bottom of the ref is usually the coldest so it is best to store raw meat and eggs here.

3. Sort and label

Once you have figured out where you want to put each item, start putting food back inside the ref in an organized manner. Sort everything into piles of similar items, and then place each one into its own bin. Make sure to label everything to make them much easier to locate. Keep in mind not to overstuff your refrigerator as cool air needs to circulate around the food to keep it fresh and safe to eat.

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