Initial's Premium Scenting: Key to boosting sales and customer satisfaction

Rentokil Initial

Posted at May 25 2017 03:48 PM

Boost customer experience and satisfaction by up to 40% with a simple trick – elevating the ambiance of your space with Premium Scenting.

As supported by numerous studies, scents have a direct effect on an individual’s well-being, while odors can trigger unpleasant memories and responses. Fresh fragrances can uplift the mood and encourage a more positive attitude. This is significant especially for proprietors who want to boost their company image, strengthen brand loyalty, and increase sales.

According to research, pleasant fragrance can influence consumers’ decision and intention to visit the store. For an establishment, such as shopping malls, showrooms, and boutiques, customers who spend 40 minutes are two times more likely to purchase than those who spend around 10 minutes. Thus, creating a positive environment can easily attract customers and spell a significant difference in one’s business. The guests will look forward to that pleasant sense of familiarity and comfort in a hotel, creating an environment for repeated business and referrals.
On the other hand, offices, financial institutions, and cinemas have much to benefit as well from premium scenting as pleasant scents can boost team productivity. It can also affect the customer's mood and make the waiting line more comfortable. As for the working force, it’s also been noted that premium scenting encourages greater team work among colleagues and keeps employees energized throughout the day.  

Intial ensures that all fragrances are safe as it is regulated by global safety legislations - Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

REACH is a regulation of the European Union that aims to improve the level of protection for human health and the environment. IFRA, on the other hand, is the official self-regulatory representative of the fragrance industry. It aims to ensure the use of safety fragrance in every material. Adding to its benefits, premium scenting can also help clients earn Leadership in Energy & Environment Design (LEEDS) credits.

Ensuring that you are delivered quality service, Initial offers free consultation and personally installs its digitally controlled systems. They also provide expert advice on how to maximize coverage of unit according to your space and air flow. With this system, fragrance is diffused evenly and efficiently, giving you fresher scents for a longer time.

Initial, the hygiene arm of Rentokil Initial, helps your company/business create the right impact by enhancing customer and employee experience with its range of premium scenting solutions. From the moment people walk in through the door, Initial ensures to make a lasting impression through an enhanced experience.

Make an impact with your business and leave a positive impression with Initial's Premium Scenting Solutions.

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