How to line eyes like a pro

Ever Bilena

Posted at May 21 2018 12:32 PM | Updated as of May 21 2018 03:54 PM

Faking it until one makes it can apply to many things in life—even makeup expertise.

From the many challenging aspects of putting on makeup such as choosing the right shade of red lipstick to sculpting brows that are on fleek, one of the most daunting is creating the perfect winged eye. 

Just one shaky movement of the wrist and an entire eye—which required a half hour of blending with eyeshadow—can be ruined. This is where Ever Bilena Pro Eye Liner can come to the rescue. 

Here are a few reasons why the EB Pro Eyeliner can help turn makeup newbies into pros in no time.


The EB Pro Eye Liner is designed with a thin liner tip, which allows for clean precision. Eyeliner should be applied in small, thin and short strokes. The thin tip is great for getting close to the lash root and tightlining, giving the illusion of a fuller lash.

Once users gain more confidence in their skills, they can be more creative and opt for thicker and more dramatic lines.


When applying liner, one should avoid pulling the sides of the eyes. Instead, lift the chin up for a more comfortable angle. The EB Pro Eye Liner helps to create cleaner lines, as it glides on smoothly and never tugs at skin. Even the most avant-garde cat eyes can be achieved without stress.


Unlike others, which may be dry and which drag across the skin, the EB Pro Eye Liner has moisturizing ingredients that keep the skin underneath soft. Eyes will not only look young, but stay young thanks to the liner's nourishing skin benefits.


Frequent need to reapply makeup can increase the chances of ruining a perfect look. The EB Pro Eye Liner helps cut down on the worry—it has a waterproof formula, so not even sweat and tears can make it budge.

Even if you are just beginning to dabble in makeup, you can instantly amp up your eye makeup game with the EB Pro Eye Liner. It is designed for beginners to deliver professional results.

The EB Pro Eye Liner comes in Ebony and Chocolate, and is available in all beauty stores across the country for P130.

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