Self-taught cook shares easy home recipes for you and your pets

Sabrina's Kitchen

Posted at May 19 2018 12:44 AM

How many ways can you cook pasta? 

This and many more kitchen dilemmas get fresh answers and new takes as former beauty queen turned kitchen diva Sabrina Artadi shares in her YouTube channel easy and flavorful recipes everyone can do in the comfort of their kitchen.

Artadi recently released on her channel 'Sabrina's Kitchen' another way to make the usual pasta more delectable. 

In the video, the self-taught cook gave tips on how to spice up the common pasta dish and make it as healthy and flavorful as possible with the help of tomato and shrimp.

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In another video, Artadi also shared pointers on how to help dogs cope with the hot weather by tweaking the food they consume.

In the Pet Care Easy Recipes, Artadi showed healthy dog food recipes to counter the detrimental effect of hot weather on one's pet. 

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The pasta and dog food videos are part of Sabrina's Kitchen Season 8, which Artadi recently launched.

During the launch, Artadi gave a demo of her well-known recipes which can also be accessed online. 

Artadi said that for Season 8, she will also talk about gardening and recipes for easy, healthy, gourmet food.

She said she will also tackle healing food as she teaches "the art of happy, the art of life."

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