WATCH: Toni Gonzaga on changing roles and the joy of becoming a mother


Posted at May 08 2017 04:05 PM | Updated as of May 08 2017 07:55 PM

Much has changed in Toni Gonzaga's life since that hit commercial that brought her to the spotlight.

From supporting roles in movies and on television, Toni has become the country's top female host with phenomenal shows, such as "Pinoy Big Brother" and "ASAP."

She also starred in hit movies like "My Amnesia Girl," and "Starting Over Again," among many others. She even staged jampacked concerts in major venues.

After having achieved so much and going through so many changes, indeed, Toni is now one of the country's biggest stars.

However, now that she has become a first time mother, Toni chose to lie low when she gave birth to her son Seve in September 2016. For Toni, becoming a mother is the "most beautiful change" that happened in her life.

"Now, I wake up every morning with a new purpose, a new meaning," Toni says. "I live not just for myself, but for someone else. The reason for my existence has changed."

In one of her interviews, Toni said one never really sleeps the same after giving birth. But despite her busy schedule as a celebrity mom, Toni never forgets to take care of herself.

"They say being a mother and having a career us difficult. But I learned to find the beauty in balancing both," Toni says. "Hindi naman dahil nagka-anak na e pababayaan na natin ang sarili natin."

Toni adds that there is no excuse for not taking care of one's body. Joining her in this beautiful change is Pond's Age Miracle.

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“As a new mom, I noticed that the late nights were starting to take a toll on my skin,” notes Toni. “I tried the new formula, and after just 7 days, I noticed that I look a lot fresher and I even got my glow back!”

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