Here's why even your most embarrassing photos matter


Posted at May 05 2017 09:32 PM

You probably have a secret folder on your computer that contains your most embarrassing photos taken during the craziest parties and out-of-town trips you've had with your college gang.

While that's truly embarrassing, it's okay, really. Besides, most of us hide a secret folder in our laptops, too.

These photos are part of the good ol' days, back when you wished you never had to leave university, and wanted to stay young for the rest of your life. Back then, you thought adulthood sucks.

But the future came fast, and you had to graduate.

You probably had a dramatic moment while returning your room keys to your landlord, who was always there to open the gate when you got locked out during those crazy party nights. And you probably had a nostalgic time while bidding goodbye to your sari-sari store suki, who always lent you canned goods and prepaid load whenever you ran out of allowance.

Those days were crazy. But they surely were a blast. Witness to these fun times are the photographs you and your friends secretly took when one of you passed out.

But, now, these photos remain securely hidden in a secret folder in your laptop. And you only browse through them during reunions or when someone celebrates his birthday and you look for a throwback photo.

Here are three reasons why you should keep those photos no matter how embarrassing they seem to be:

They are building blocks of your personality

Well, these photos are your souvenirs from the crazy times you had with the gang. And these moments, no matter how careless you seemed to be then, have shaped your personality in several ways.

They tested your courage in explaining to your landlord why you were out beyond your curfew. They tested your creativity in finishing your college paper, which was due the day after the shindig. So keep them as reminders of how you were able to balance life and your personal responsibilities.

You'll need them to cheer you up

Adult life can be tough because of the countless challenges and obstacles one must face. These are all part of growing up. But whenever you find yourself in times like these, remember that you need to cheer up, get up, and continue with life no matter how hard it seems to be. And this is when your embarrassing photos will come in handy.

Your old photos will cheer you up, relieve you from stress, and remind you that better days shall come ahead. They will make you realize that good things will happen in your life if you know how to smile and take it easy, of course, without compromising productivity.

They can push you to dream big

These wacky shots are not just memories of your careless days. They also serve as your reminder to aspire to bigger things in life. While they remind of how far you’ve come, they also push you to work hard towards bigger goals and encourage you to aim for greater heights.

By then, you'll be able to enjoy life not just with the whole gang but with everyone who matters the most for you. Here's a story about how an IT technician saved the day by fixing a laptop full of memories.

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