Hanggang saan aabot ang P20 mo? Watch this new joke

Selecta Cornetto

Posted at May 03 2019 05:03 PM

Ever since the 90s Cornetto has always been known for the funny sarap ng P20 ads such as this:

This summer, Cornetto has released an entertaining video yet again. 

The newest video of Selecta features actor Joshua Garcia trying get noticed by a girl who is in apparent distress for losing her ticket to a live concert. Garcia is on top his game again. 

"Miss, sagot ko na 'to," he casually says to the girl as he hands the venue's big and tough guard a P20 bill in exchange for a concert pass.

P20 for a concert pass? It catches the security guard by surprise who, despite looking muscly and broad-shouldered, pulls off his inner diva to give Garcia a show worthy of his money. 

Making the video funnier, the rugged guard sings a romantic song with moving pecs in a duet with Garcia.

Just like how Joshua impressed the girl with a cone of Cornetto, You can also do the same with your crush. Experience the deliciousness of the New 2-in-1 Ube Keso Duet for only P20.

The goodness of ube is partnered with the creamy taste of keso, making it an indulgent combination of Filipinos' favorite duo: salty and sweet flavors.

To make it more delightful, it is topped off with ube halaya sauce and toasted coconut crunch. 

Take your summer experience a notch higher with Selecta. Visit their website and Facebook page to know more.

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