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Posted at Mar 25 2019 03:34 PM | Updated as of Mar 26 2019 12:17 PM

It's 7 a.m. Your kid happily eats breakfast, willingly puts on his or her school uniform, gives you a happy hug as you both make your way out the door.

In an ideal world, that's you and your kid. But the reality is, you wake up a kid still enjoying his or her time on the bed, and you have to put up with the whining and the crying.

To make mornings an exciting time for kids, parents should give their kids something to look forward to when they wake up.

Think about all the times children wake up early and eager. These are usually times when an exciting event awaits them, like an out-of-town vacation, or their first Christmas party.

Parents could apply the same principle for breakfast. As the child is put to bed at night, their mothers and fathers can talk about how to greet the next morning with a delectable treat.

Below are some fun breakfast ideas for kids:

Penguin oatmeal

Oatmeal is tasty, but it may look dull for a kid who'd rather sleep.

Parents can add color and joy to a serving of oatmeal by designing it to look like an adorable character, like a penguin.

To do this, oatmeal can be poured on the center of a dinnerware. Surround the oatmeal with blue marshmallows. To form wings, place a layer of white and another layer of blue mallows on either side. Top the oatmeal with blue mallows to form eyes, and use pink mallows to form a mouth.

Pizza pandesal

Kids love pizza, but a 12-inch pizza is too much for breakfast. Try instead a mini-pizza using pandesal.

Simply cut the pan de sal in half, lengthwise. Spread ketchup on top of the bread, and put kids' selected toppings. Parents can assign kids the task of putting toppings so they could arrange it the way they want.

Pancake Mickey Mouse

Pancake is a top-of-mind option for a quick breakfast. To make this staple a little more exciting, parents can experiment on the shapes instead of the usual ones.

One can make it look like Mickey Mouse by making a medium pancake serve as Mickey's face and two small pancakes to serve as ears.

For the face details, either pour a generous amount of maple or chocolate syrup to form as eyes and mouth, or use chocolate chips.

Meaty French toast

One perfect partner of milk in the morning is the sandwich. It is easy to prepare and there are ways that parents can add twists to it.

To level up a sandwich for breakfast, parents can first smear the bread with a sandwich spread, based on your kids' favorite flavor. Next, dip it in eggs and milk then fry to perfectly create a tasty french toast.

Make children look forward to breakfast every day by giving them delicious sandwiches, now made tastier with different flavors to try. Does your kid love to relish the goodness of bacon or ham?

Whatever the choice is, there are a lot of good options in the market that offer the meaty taste of your kids' favorite flavors.

A preferred choice of parents is the Lady's Choice Meaty Spread. It has bacon, chicken, tuna, and ham variants to choose from. With this spread, kids get to experience meaty bits of their beloved flavor without being overwhelmed.

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