Video sheds light on plight of children living with HIV


Posted at Mar 11 2019 03:42 PM | Updated as of Mar 11 2019 06:56 PM

Taking care of a child is one of life’s toughest responsibilities. But what more if that child gets sick? What more if that child has HIV? And what more if the child is not theirs? This is the story of Agnes.

Last March 5, Vicks Philippines held a private viewing of their second #TouchOfCare video for its partners, guests, media, and "momfluencers" like Isabell Oli-Prats, Vanessa Matsunaga, Danica Sotto-Pingris, and more.

In light of last year’s #TouchOfCare campaign success, Vicks Philippines aims to continue to touch and transform Filipinos' lives through another video inspired by real-life stories.

"Each and every one of us here has the ability to touch and transform another person’s life. That is the concept which Vicks and the Touch of Care campaign is trying to impart. It is about making a difference in society for the better. " said Migi Jayme, Brand Manager of Vicks Philippines.

In this video, a neighbor unexpectedly gives Agnes an unwanted baby boy, who turns out to be HIV-positive. And during the early years of this boy’s childhood, he was ridiculed and discriminated for his condition.

But despite this, his adoptive mother chose to accept and love him as her own.


"It's about two people—about a person—who had no obligation to go out of the way and help someone, but they did. And in doing so, they ended up transforming the life of that other person. And those are the kind of stories which we want to bring to life," said Country Category Leader Vijay Pampana.

In many settings around the world, such as the Philippines, the rate of HIV is still increasing despite proven cure and treatments.

"Here in the Philippines, because of the stigma and discrimination attached to HIV, HIV is still going up," said Ico Rodulfo Johnson, President of Project Red Ribbon.

"Since 1984, we have recorded a total of 62,024 cases. And since December 2018, we have had about 866 cases. And on average there are about 32 cases being discovered every single day," said Patrixia Sherley Santos, REDvocate ambassador of Department of Health (DOH) under the LHIV Free program.

And so Vicks, together with its partner Project Red Ribbon, hopes to spread awareness and eliminate stigma on HIV through the #TouchOfCare campaign and the Duyan Program.

"What we really want is for these children to remain healthy and to live long and normal lives full of love," Santos said.

She added: "Because at the end of the day, it’s not the virus nor the disease that kills the people—it’s the hatred, the discrimination. Because that’s the reason that they do not test, and that is the reason why it is being transmitted."

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