5 things you shouldn’t let your kids see online

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Posted at Mar 09 2017 11:51 AM

MANILA -- In this digital age, information is now readily available to anyone. It's fast and rich, yet sometimes inaccurate.

But apart from inaccurate and misleading information, there are many other things that we, especially the kids, should avoid on the Internet.

Parents should, thus, be extra careful in filtering the sites their children can access. We should also be more vigilant with how our kids use technology and the Internet.

Here are some of the things you shouldn't let your kids see online:

1. Cyberbullies

Cyber bullying has already taken many lives. And cyberbullies continue to proliferate on social media, waiting for their next victim.
These are people who patiently wait for your next mistake, which they can make fun of. Most of the time, they hide themselves under bogus accounts to keep their identities secret, thus, making them unaccountable for their wrongdoings.

To avoid cyberbullies, tell your kids to keep their social media accounts private and connect only with people they personally know. 

2. Cyber Predators

Pedophiles and criminals are just some of the most common cyber predators one may chance to meet online.

These are people who will lure you to their traps, and use you to gratify themselves. And mind you, just like cyberbullies, they are also experts in hiding their identities.

Again, to prevent your kids from meeting cyber predators, make follow the golden rule: Never talk to strangers.

3. Dating sites

The Internet is not just about Wikipedia and social media. There are also a lot of dating sites targeting adults.

Although these dating websites are not generally malicious, they may have contents that are inappropriate for children. It is, thus, important to always check your child's browsing history to get an idea of the sites they are visiting. 

4. Data thieves

Data thieves are cyber criminals who make a living by using your personal information to earn money.

There are a lot of bogus websites that may require you or your child to input personal info, which may then be used for malicious transactions. Or worst, they can even steal your identity and create a credit card out of it.

To prevent your kids from becoming victims of data theft, tell them to never give away their information so easily-- address, complete name, date of birth, etc. You should also keep your ATM and credit cards away from them. And always be with them when they make online purchases.

5. Adult content

Of course, you don't want your kids to see inappropriate contents online. These may just ruin their childhood, and ignite their interest on things that are too mature for them.

Adult content may be in the form of photo, text, or video. And you can see them everywhere-- in social media, websites, and video streaming platforms.

It is, thus, important that we employ necessary content filtering systems that will prevent our kids from entering adult sites.

Indeed, the Internet has thousands of bad guys and malicious contents our kids should stay away from. But on the positive side, the Internet also contains millions of educational materials that kids can use in widening their knowledge and learning more about the world we live in. Perhaps, we just need to play our role as parents. We should always keep our eyes on them-- online or not. 

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