3 affordable and tasty breakfast ideas

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Posted at Mar 08 2019 11:45 AM | Updated as of Mar 08 2019 01:45 PM


From clothing to everyday meals, "wais" parents and homemakers would try everything to get the best deals and save.

However, stringent budgeting must not result in reduced quality of items for the daily needs of the family, such as a hearty breakfast. 

The morning meal is the most essential one for the day. It fuels the body, especially of the kids, with important nutrients needed for an activity-packed routine in school or at home.

Here are some breakfast ideas that parents can try for their children without breaking the bank:

1. Healthy fried rice meal with vegetable and egg

In the country, rice is a staple. It is the partner of any dish in almost every meal. However, people tend to cook too much of it, which leads to some leftovers staying in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, why not turn the leftover rice into a healthy and tasty fried rice? 

Sounds costly? It isn't, as this twist is assured to be within budget.

The price of a pack of mixed vegetables containing carrots, beans, and corns would start from P25 in the supermarket. Eggs, meanwhile, can be purchased for P5 per piece.

Preparing this dish won't take too much time. This dish can be made in less than 30 minutes, if all the ingredients are at hand.

2. Sweet hotcake for sweet day ahead

Hotcakes taste best while they are still hot and fresh from the frying pan. Its sweetness would surely entice children to eat more.

Availability of affordable and ready-made pancake mix in supermarkets makes this dish easier to cook.

After cooking, hotcakes are usually slathered on top with margarine and a generous sprinkling of sugar. 

Make it fun by using cutters to shape hotcakes into various sizes and characters.

Additional tip for parents: Hotcakes are best partnered with a cup of hot choco.

3. Savory sandwiches for a great start of the day 

During the morning, parents are often busy preparing the family for the day ahead, leaving them with less time to create delicious breakfast for their kids. 

Parents look for food choices that are quick and easy to prepare.

One recommended favorite is the sandwich. This savory breakfast offers great taste without consuming too much time and money. 

Another great thing about sandwiches is that they won't spoil in the lunch box. Through this, parents are certain that their children are eating a satiating food at school.

Making savory sandwiches are now made more convenient with Lady's Choice.

Its variety of tasty and creamy flavors packed with real meat makes sandwiches flavourful.

Want to try new flavors occasionally? Lady's Choice sandwich spreads are available in different variants that kids would love: ham, tuna, chicken, and bacon.

With so many choices, kids would never skip breakfast again.

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