Ice cream brand's 'kilig' short films melt viewers' hearts

Selecta Cornetto

Posted at Feb 13 2018 12:36 PM | Updated as of Feb 15 2018 08:06 PM

There are many ways to express your love this Valentine's Day, but how can you do it if you have not yet confessed your feelings to your crush?

It is nerve-wracking to open yourself up to the possibility of being hurt. However, there is a way to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible--have a solid plan that will spark "kilig" and genuine desire.

Netizens have taken their cue from three short videos produced by ice cream brand Selecta Cornetto just in time for Valentine's Day, which have so far garnered thousands of views and reactions on social media.

After watching the videos, viewers were smiling and itching to find their own cuties to lay their hearts bare to.

Get tips from these "cone-fessions" on how you can successfully bare your heart, and hopefully get a sweet "yes".
1. "Bes"

Sometimes we end up developing romantic feelings for our best friends. We've heard so many stories about friends who became lovers. They all began with a confession.
In this short film entitled "Bes", a senior high student has finally found the courage to confess his feelings to his best friend. After years of trying to find the right words and timing, he had no idea that all it can take is a simple gesture. 
A few days after "Bes" was uploaded on the official Facebook page of Selecta Cornetto, the video garnered over 21,000 reactions and 6,400 shares from netizens, who shared their own personal experience.

Twitter users were not immune either, with the video prodding them to act on, or at least think about acting on, their feelings.
2. "[Not] Flowers"

Not all ladies love flowers. Some prefer to receive more practical gifts. Or maybe they're just allergic to pollen. Or they find flowers too cliché.
In this short film, a girl, who has been dwelling in bitterness, frowns upon the tradition of giving flowers during Valentine's Day. She then vents out her frustrations to her admirer, who would make her realize the meaning behind these bouquets.
Titled "[Not] Flowers", this short film has already garnered over 4,500 likes and 3,000 shares as of this writing. 
3. "Cutiespotting"

 Many of us enjoy sitting at a park, while eating our favorite ice cream and spotting "cuties". But how are you sure that you're looking at the right cutie?
In this short film, a guy volunteered to find a cutie for his friend. He looked far and wide for a cutie who would capture the interest of his friend. What he didn't know is that his friend already spotted a cutie--sitting right next to her.
"Cutiespotting" became a big hit on social media, particularly among millennials who would tag their friends in the comment section. As of this writing, the video already garnered over 136,000 views and 4,600 shares.
Don’t miss the chance to tell your significant other how special they are to you. Get more "kilig" videos and tips, visit the official Facebook page of Selecta Cornetto.

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