Got a fun idea? Here are 5 ways to show creativity online


Posted at Feb 07 2019 07:06 PM

Social media has paved the way for many creatives to get more inspiration from various sources and to connect to a bigger audience. 

While there are many accessible platforms for creativity, there is one application that has captured the attention of budding online content creators. 

TikTok, a well-known video application, envisions a community where user are empowered to creatively capture moments, big or small. 

Here are five ways how Filipino creators can unleash their creativity online through the mobile application:

Maximizing video effects

The application is among the leading destinations for sharing creative short videos due to its user-friendly features. The simple shooting interface allows users to choose which camera to use. 

Creators also have the control over the speed of the video by using slow motion and time lapse. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered filters and effects can also seamlessly add charm to any video. 

These easy-to-use functions allow users to make selfie videos more fun.

Thinking outside the box 

The online community of the application is usually mobilized through its daily challenges. The challenges allow users to join a topic by creating their own take on a particular trend. 

This allows more creators to put their own spin to challenges. 

For instance, the viral #SomeoneLikeYou challenge started with a duck. A few videos after, the challenge spawned into different permutations such as those with superhero characters, mini-figures, and even tomatoes.

Interacting with more creators and other unique features

The application offers a unique set of features that keeps creators on their toes. 

The Duet feature, for instance, allows you to interact with other creators by adding a video to other video. This is useful if users wanted to create a dubbing video featuring two characters, with some going beyond the usual by using the feature to create a multiscreen video.

The application also has a React feature that makes it easier for creators to record their responses to a certain video as it happens. 

Getting inspiration from other videos

The application banks on its AI capabilities to ensure that users can easily find videos they like. 

The global content suggestions on the feed are based on the videos that the users have already interacted with, making it easier for them to find the next content inspiration. 

However, if creators would rather keep things out of everyone's radar, they can easily make their videos private or set who can comment on their videos. 

Keeping a fun, safe online environment 

The application is committed to innovating not only to bring more enjoyable features to creators but also to keep the community a safe place for everyone. 

It also cares about every user’s digital well-being and allows them to manage screen time and enable restricted mode to limit the appearance of content inappropriate to certain audiences. 

With these guidelines in place, it is easier for any creator to focus in honing their creativity, looking for inspiration, and connecting with like-minded users who can appreciate their vision. 

Creativity comes at its own time. It kicks in whenever it wants. When creativity sparks, it is best to be prepared to capture those little moments with TikTok.

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