Why Bench says it truly knows Pinoys


Posted at Jan 29 2019 11:55 AM

Every Pinoy has a distinct style. But inspect their closet, and chances are, one would see a Bench piece.

Bench cemented its legacy as the country's top local fashion brand for more than three decades. 

Despite fast changing trends and ever evolving needs, Bench remained relevant by adapting to the Filipino lifestyle. It also kept up by diversifying its brand.

Through the years, the Filipino fashion brand went from being a trendsetter to a go-to staple, not just in clothing but also in grooming services. 

In an online video, 'Kilala Na Kita', Paulo Avelino takes viewers through the journey Bench has taken as a brand for the Filipinos. 

The look back at Bench's humble beginnings down to its iconic ads that shaped Pinoy pop culture gives viewers a sense of nostalgia. 

The fashionable trip down memory lane exhibits how deeply ingrained the brand is in Pinoys' lives.

Amid tough competition, Bench stands out for its trendy and Pinoy-friendly style. 

"Kahit maraming dumating, imported ang dating, naka-Bench ka pa rin," Avelino noted. 

Bench promises more offerings that will suit Pinoy tastes and needs. Get ready for an exciting 2019 for it will be a 'nakakalocal' year.

Watch the video below: 


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