Filipinas all over the country have something to say


Posted at Jan 25 2020 05:22 PM

In the Philippines, society defined beautiful hair along the following lines; thick, long, black, straight, and silky. It is worn in an age-appropriate style, ladylike, professional, classy, and should be without a strand out of place.

Society spends plenty of time uplifting women and making them feel good about themselves, while at the same time, pushing them to stick to a predetermined set of standards. This makes self-expressive women feel the need to shy away and conceal themselves.

In its years of advocating real beauty among women, Dove wants to tell Filipinas that there is no single standard for beautiful hair. Whether it is curly, wavy, colored, or short, it is beautiful all the same.

To celebrate another year of its #MyHairMySay campaign, Dove empowers women with diverse hairstyles from all regions of the Philippines, to speak for the hair they want using their own dialects. The movement exemplifies that beautiful Filipina hair is everywhere from North to South. Watch this.

Why should you be afraid to express yourself through your hair when your crowning glory should reflect who you are and not be a hurdle that stops you from achieving your dreams? Dove wants you to believe that whatever style you choose, it’s beautiful because it’s you.

Visit Dove's Facebook page to be inspired by the hair stories of other Filipinas nationwide. Learn more about Dove's #MyHairMySay campaign by visiting their website at

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