How to make healthy meals interesting for kids

Knorr Philippines

Posted at Jan 08 2019 11:37 AM

Parents always go the extra mile in making sure their kids eat vegetables and fruits, even employing different strategies to get this done. 

Moms come up with catchy tunes to distract the kids, invent kitchen table stories to make the veggies appetizing, or even give rewards for the kid after finishing a healthy meal. 

As kids get older, however, they become immune to these 'tricks' and discover more food that are high in sugar and fat -- making these tasty and flavorful food their favorite. 

These food often favored by kids, like fried chicken, fries, and instant noodles, are high in salt. With continued high intake, it may lead to malnutrition and obesity.

It is inevitable that kids will get curious in trying out more flavorful, unhealthy food. 

This is why parents must constantly reinforce the importance of eating nutritious food through different approaches that will genuinely interest the kids in finishing a healthy meal.

Here are some tips on what parents can do to make healthy food appealing, tasty, and interesting for kids: 

1. Dress up the meal.

Parents can design their child’s food to make it more visually appealing. The food can be shaped into the silhouette of their kid’s favorite cartoon character, arranged in fun plating, and some foods can be shaded in the kid's favorite color. The kid can also design their own meal to make sure that they will take pride in their creation and look forward to eating it after.

2. Make cooking time a bonding time.

Involve the kids in preparing and cooking the meal that they will be having for later. After cooking the dish that they help make, kids will be more attracted to eating their culinary masterpiece. Parents can let their child put the ingredients in the pot when cooking healthy dishes full of greens like sinigang. Kids can also role play as fairies by sprinkling Knorr Sinigang into the mix.

3. Add a secret ingredient.

Ordinary nutritious dishes do not have to be boring and bland. Adding Knorr as a special ingredient will give the dish a flavorful taste that everyone in the family can enjoy – even the kids. 

Knorr cubes made with long boiled meat will provide a rich flavor that the kids will look for. Preparing a healthy dish like tinola will no longer be shunned by kids because of the tasty flavor Knorr cubes provide.

Parents can also easily prepare sinigang that is packed with a wide array of vegetables which the children will love. Just add Knorr sinigang to have that right sour deliciousness that kids can't get enough of. 

It takes a lot of patience trying to feed kids nutritious meals, but it will all be eventually worth it upon seeing them have a strong body, be active in school, and be happy while healthy.

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