5 reasons why Kathryn Bernardo stole the spotlight on #StarMagicBall2017

Sunsilk Philippines

Posted at Oct 12 2017 02:20 PM

There's no denying that Kathryn Bernardo, 21, is one of the finest actresses of her generation. She is also the classiest, fairest, and most confident, as proven by her jaw-dropping display of style and beauty at the recent Star Magic Ball 2017.

That night, Kathryn did not only turn heads when she walked along the red carpet, she also trended on social media as her fans showed their support on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Before the hype subsides, let's do a post-mortem of Kathryn's performance at the Star Magic Ball 2017. Here are 5 reasons why she stole the spotlight that night:

1. Everything falls into place

As Kathryn matures, her natural beauty becomes more apparent. She is just gorgeous from head to toe. Her shiny, sincere eyes and pink lips are just two of the many reasons why we think "everything falls into place."

2. She's got a charming smile that lingers

Kathryn knows she has a perfect set of teeth that becomes blinding when she smiles. That, plus her Instagram-worthy "say cheese" mode works well together, giving her a charm that lingers in every man's heart.

3.  Her posture is regal

This 21-year-old beauty knows how to stand right-- and by that we mean like a queen. She may not be as tall as your favorite beauty queens, but Kathryn is confidently beautiful with her height.

4. She can be sexy in a very reserved way

Kathryn is sexy, but she is also reserved. Gets? Kathryn will still have an alluring appeal even if she wears big shirt and baggy jeans. She doesn't have to flash her legs to turn heads.

5. She has a long and strong hair

To complete her dazzling display of beauty, she wears her strong and long hair in a signature Kathryn look. Her hair complements her charming smile, regal posture, and overall sexiness. Kathryn wears her long and strong hair that goes perfect with any occasion. You can bring her to the streets, and she will be a queen. Bring her to the big screen, and she will steal the scene.

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