How Julia Barretto kept herself fit and healthy for the Star Magic Ball

Kristel Dacumos-Lagorza, Metro Magazine

Posted at Sep 30 2017 03:43 AM

The past few days have been a blur, especially for TV’s newest darling Julia Barretto who has been busy prepping up for the biggest and most glamorous event of the season – Star Magic Ball. 

In addition to attending a flurry of fittings in search of the perfect gown, Julia has been hitting the gym and making sure that she’s in the best possible form she can be. “I’ve been watching what I eat - as in following a proper diet - and have been working out more often,” she admits.

But of course, more than fitting the perfect dress, stars like Julia also need to ensure that their skin doesn’t break out before the big day, keeping it in pristine condition. Julia, in particular, has been more focused on following her skincare regimen. “I haven’t made any big changes to my skincare routine, because changing it up now would be a risk. But to make sure my skin looks great, I drink lots of water, and, of course, make sure to get lots of sleep!”

When it comes to her beauty look for the red carpet, Julia has decided to keep it simple, opting to be true to her natural appeal (and showing off her great skin.). “So, for this year, we’ve decided to do go with something fresh - more of glowy, dewy skin, nothing too dark,” she says, adding that this type of makeup registers impeccably on selfies with her new OPPO F5 phone, a totally chic gadget to match any look and gown, launching this October. She’ll be sure to take as much pictures of herself and friends during the occasion. 

“For me, I’m excited for the red carpet because this is the time when you’ll be able to showcase your personality, through your makeup and the clothes that you’re wearing.” Julia says cheerily, knowing she’ll be accompanied by her on- and off-screen partner, Joshua Garcia.

Special Thanks to OPPO. 

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