The secret to what keeps Alice Dixson 'fashionably fit'


Posted at May 11 2017 10:35 AM

Alice Dixson is the epitome of the modern woman -- someone who can juggle her responsibilities as an actress, without compromising her personal health and fitness.

At 47, Alice continues to rock in daring dresses and bikinis. When asked what's the best exercise for working women like herself, Alice said 20 minutes can actually go a long way.

"You find a way to work it in like before you go to work. Best time is before you shower and get ready for work, because when you get home from work in the evening, you’re gonna be too tired," she elaborates.

Alice adds that she also uses honey as sweetener instead of sugar. She also consumes more fiber than carbs, which is one of the major causes of weight gain.

"I substitute rice with vegetables and salads so instead of lots of carb-heavy food I substitute it with fiber like vegetables," she added.

Thanks to regular workouts, a healthy diet, and a dose of Kilo Off, Alice can make the most out of her beach trips this summer.

Kilo Off is a weight loss system from France with all-natural active ingredients. According to Alice, Kilo Off has been a beneficial ingredient in her fitness plan, as it serves as a "a natural appetite suppressant" that also helps her maintain good metabolism.

"Kilo Off helps me with certain cravings like if I need to lose weight for a photo shoot or I have a target of a certain weight for a fitness goal, I would take it daily and then my cravings will go away," Alice notes.

Apart from helping her lose weight, Alice says Kilo Off also helped her become "fashionably fit," keeping her in excellent shape despite her age. In fact, she testifies that Kilo Off allowed her to have a flatter tummy, curb her appetite, and lose weight -- all at the same time.

"But you always have to take Kilo Off like it’s not a miracle plan, you have to do your exercise, eat properly," Alice emphasized.

Available in four variants, Kilo Off promises to help you safely lose weight.

Choose from a wide variety of products: revitalizing powder drink, energizing capsule or a refreshing natural juice, and start your weight loss journey today.

Powder drink

Kilo Off powder drink is a flavored powder juice meant to supplement your diet and workout, and provide a 4-in-1 slimming action (burn fat, reduce cravings, drain water and toxins, keep a flat stomach). Just mix the powder in water, stir, and drink!


Aimed at slimming you down by providing a 24-hour fat-burning effect, the capsule version is more focused on burning fat. It’s a convenient product for people on-the-go! Just pop 1- 2 capsules before lunch and dinner.

Liquid Drink Slimming

This purple, blackcurrant-flavored drink helps to burn fat and drain water, and is perfect to drink for rapid detox after excessive eating or sudden weight gain. A bottle cap-full is perfect to drink as is or mixed with water.

Liquid Drink Flat Stomach

This orange fruity drink contains fiber that aids in digestion and helps to relieve a swollen stomach. It is perfect for those with a bloated tummy and indigestion issues. A bottle cap-full is perfect to drink as is or mixed with water.

You can even mix and match products to come up with your own weight-loss program, depending on your weight loss objectives. Just remember to space out your intake during the day and take only a maximum of 2 products per treatment period.

Kilo Off is manufactured by Laboratories Vitarmonyl in France, a leading health supplements manufacturer. It is BFAD-approved, and possesses natural ingredients not used in similar weight loss supplements to ensure a healthier route to weight loss.

It is exclusively available in selected Watsons branches nationwide. To learn more about this product, check out or follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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